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Welcome to, the new online home of the Union Street Church in Bangor. The Union Street Chruch in Bangor has long been a landmark in Bangor. Now under the management of Pastor Lee Witting, its role within the community for both spiritual and artistic endeavors has grown, providing a place for people from all walks of life and levels of talent to come express their artistic abilities and take part in an environment of wholesome creativity in the spririt of sharing.

All are invited to come and share and enjoy the various events that are hosted by the Brick Church and we hope to see you there soon either as a participant or a spectator.

Sun 19 Nov 2006
This might be a dupe but...

Post by Flash @ 10:43 AM

Check me out!

Just putting our link to our awesome myspace profile! Please check it out and become one of our friends! We will respond to every message and comment! -Flash

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Musical Events
Fri 17 Nov 2006
No Open Mic this week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Post by Flash @ 09:20 AM

Hey all you talented, faithful entertainers and musicians, this is your open mic host Flash. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...we just had to postpone open mic last week due to dress rehearsal for the play "Esther". Now we have to postpone it once again due to Thanksgiving on the 23rd. On the count of 3 "awwwwww"...But we will be back on for the following Thursday the 30th. So come join us for the "Brick" and of course bring some-bodies with you!

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Tue 07 Nov 2006
Our link to MySpace

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Mon 06 Nov 2006
The Story of the Passion Play...

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2006 represents the fifth year we will present what has become a Bangor annual event: the Union Street Brick Church Passion Play. And while each year’s play tells the same story -- the Easter story of Jesus’ suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection -- each year has proven to be very different from the last...

Sun 05 Nov 2006
There’s nothing else like it...

image  Post by Flash @ 11:55 PM

...sunlight filtered through stained glass, the ringing of the steeple bell, the golden light of chandelier and sconce -- to add spirit, grace, and blessing to any marriage. The location heightens the occasion, and blends the importance of the day with the joy and celebration of your family and friends.

Sun 05 Nov 2006
A Landmark Church!

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